Henna after care

Henna body art is not an exact science. Henna stain looks different on each person due to many reasons. If you take care of you henna tattoo/design by following the above simple guidelines, your henna should stain dark and rich and should last 1-3 weeks depending on body location and aftercare.

Henna after care :

ImageThe following are some steps you can follow to ensure a nice stain:

  • Leave paste on for a minimum of 4 hours. Overnight makes for the best results.
  • Pick or scrape paste off after 6-8 hours. If paste falls off earlier, don’t panic. It’s done its job. Just don’t help it along by picking. Do not wash with water. No water contact for 24 hours if possible (48 hours is even better)
  • Design will progress from orange tones to burgundies or browns depending on the person in about 48 hours. Color may continue to deepen even longer on some individuals.
  • The warmer the body temperature, the faster and darker the henna will stain. If you are cold, try drinking something hot before you start.

ghdsThese simple steps will protect your design and help it to look its best:

  • Rub your henna design a natural vegetable oil before bathing or swimming to protect it from water. Corn, canola, or olive oil all work well. Avoid using any petroleum products such as baby oil or Vaseline as they will contribute to the demise of your stain.
  • Avoid excess rubbing of the area. Keep in mind that frequent washing, soaps, petroleum products ( sunscreen, Vaseline, baby oil) and the rubbing of clothing and shoes on the design will cause your henna design to fade more quickly.
  • Avoid shaving over your henna stain. Shaving removes layers of skin so you may want to shave around your henna stain to keep it looking its best.

Guidelines for Bridal Henna:

  • Pedicure/manicure has to be done before the henna day. If it has to be done after, the massage and lotion/oils must be skipped or it could interfere with color progression.
  • Waxing, sugaring or shaving must be done before the henna application and not after henna is applied or the color will fade.
  • If you are participating in the Indian Haldi/turmeric ceremony after henna application, attempt to wear gloves or socks so that the henna does not get scrubbed. This could affect the color greatly if the henna is scrubbed or washed.
  • Avoid doing heavy household work, rubbing, scrubbing after application.
  • You can wrap the area with medical gauze swabs or toilet paper. Wrapping isn’t required but it helps conserve heat and moisture, which helps to make the stain darker. It will also protect bed sheets as the paste is left on overnight Do NOT use plastic wrap as the perspiration will smudge the design.
  • Body temperature plays huge part in color progression. Put 10-15 cloves in a frying pan and let them make smoke, and then put your hands over the smoke gently for 5 minutes. Maintain the safer distance from the frying pan to prevent any burns. Do this after 10-12 hours of henna application.